Solar Funds

Solar Funds is the first Community Tokenize Equity investment instruments that will enable and catalyze rapid development of Clean Electricity across Africa reaching 1 million (1-Giga-Watt) connectivity for homes, business and other productive use by 2025. Through the issuance of Solar Equity Fund, the OneWattSolar Blockchain technology platform will attract and raise the required patient and blended social capital necessary to finance critical infrastructure deficit with a blend of debt and Equity.

Developers with membership on the OneWattSolar Cooperative will be able to leverage this new innovative tool to participate in a Pooled Blocks of our unsecured Issued Tokenized Community Bond window while raising the required infrastructural hardware Investment to serving their existing or future eligible customers across the regions they operate.

Innovative Blended Finance

OneWattSolar is Developing A National Network Of Developers & Franchisees Technology Partners with portfolio of pipeline projects in the Rooftop and MiniGrid windows of investment; the Community Tokenize Equity will edge you from huge FX risk, currency fluctuation, Inflation, Unreasonable Interest rate and cost of capital, unreliable EOM exposure and technology risks;

Developers’ profile of verified and approved projects will receive equity investment over the OneWattSolar platform terms; when activated, developer will ensure the design and installation of the Hardware with full access to support and manage the system. Franchisees/Developer will own, manage and operate OneWattSolar SHS Systems for homeowners.

Citizen Led

Community investors participate in allocating their resources or savings to help change the face of Energy Poverty in Africa thereby Increasing the RE mix and improve the environment; Solar Fund Bonds provide opportunity for Climate Champions and Impact investors or philanthropist to make the most rewarding contributions toward lowering the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, reduction in fossil fuel and fighting climate change.

Through Verifiable decentralized committed Solar Equity Tokens, Citizens and Investors are given the chance to directly participate in enabling more Solar Electricity Connections by Purchasing Units of OneWattSolar SHS blocks thereby delivering the much needed electricity to offered and small businesses to increase productivity.

Data Your Collateral

The Digital age demands a new set of rules at ensuring fast, reliable and scalable energy access. Connectivity is achieved by eliminating today’s barriers and factors that keep million of residential customers away from the energy block. Progress in Clean Energy access requires a keen grip on consumer education, technology reliability revenue collection (Tariff) and Monitoring.

Investment Capital, Assets and Customer’s Superior Services are guaranteed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven BigData-Set Mapped on uncompromisable BlockChain Architecture.