The Future is Plural!

SMEFUNDS’ Bond Leverages Donor funds, Impact Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility Capital to Unlock New Small and Medium Scale Projects in the Community.

Tap Into the $5Billion Native Capital

The SMEFUNDS’ Community Bond is a long term interest-bearing loan that is accessible to unaccredited investors and can only be issued by nonprofit organizations.

Discuss your Project with us, We help you Switch your Community of Supporters to Investors

Your organization Should consider the option of a Community Bonds; It is an incredible tool for NGO’s, Social Enterprises and Cooperatives to raise money by turning their community of supporters into investors.

Nativity is the core force for a sustainable Change.

We help change Makers to activate and Enable Native leadership to bring dreams to reality. Our partnerships will help you structure the right funding vehicle for you, while you focus on what you do best and feel confident that you will be able to unlock the capital you need to scale your organization.

We have the experience to help you structure your investment, the people to support your team to raise the needed funds, and we provide the back-office support to ensure your investors are managed reliably and professionally.

Talk to Us to Establish the Legitimacy and broader public appeal of this tool for your Dream Success.