Next Production Revolution

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Native Frugal Innovation Must Drive the 4th Industrial Revolution for Africa.

The Mega Trends

Talent is Equal Distribution But Not Equal Opportunity!

Where Inequality in distribution of wealth, Equal opportunity, quality of life, Access and Resources;

The 4th Industrial Revolution Is all about Digitization By Large Corporations and World's Super Powers; this only put wealth into the hands of the Capital Providers and not the People.

The NPR will make wealth creation democratic;
Working for more people.

For Native Entrepreneurs to lead the Next Production Revolution (NPR) that work for Africa, Emerging Economies must Leverage Human Intensive Solution over Capital Intensive Solutions

At the NPR Hub, We are Challenged to leverage our Native knowledge, resources, people, capital and inspiration to evolve new Innovative Leaders that will deliver Richer, Prosperous and Sustainable Africa.

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Electric Vehicle (eV Car)
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Bio Ethanol
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DIY Solar Refrigeration
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