Myke Ologunoye


Our Team

Prior to Joining SMEFUNDS, Myke led the Sales and Marketing team of DreamVille Limited and became the Business Manager for Just Dream Technologies Inc., increasing access to ICT and Knowledge to over 200,000 customers in about 77 major cities across West Africa. He is a Conference Speaker, business mentor and work with organizations to implement Sales and Marketing Process. Myke is Writing his first book, Marketing, the Art of the Deal.

Myke is an expert in Process design, Production and Distribution. He designed the Demonstration Kit for End Black Out project for GoSolar Africa. Bagged Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management, Innerveil Business Institute (Africa/EMEA). A graduate of Business Administration from the University of Lagos. He is also a member of Certified Quality Management Institute, United State.

He is a Social and Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Guru with class. He has over 12 years transformational experience in Marketing/sales. He coordinates the supply chain process of SMEFUNDS Enterprises.

Our Vision

To be a Social Enterprise of reference in Africa.

Our Mission

To Be the Leading Provider of Increased Access to Finance, Renewable Energy, Affordable Housing, Food Security and Technology Services to the Disadvantaged Low-Income Individuals.

Our Portfolio

GoSolar Africa

SMEFUNDS envisions a continent with access to electricity and prosperity for the poor and disadvantaged ...

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UN Homes

Every morning 1.6 billion people wake up in appalling poverty. As a result, their health is poor; they struggle to earn a living, buy ...

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Kike Cooks Stoves

Our Cook stove program mission is to spread the use of clean and improved cook stove technology as a replacement to charcoal, ...

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1 Watt Solar

In support of GoSolar Africa's initiative to generate more than 3000MW Solar electricity super grid, 1-watt Solar lets you put solar power on ...
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Green Energy Biofuels

Our proprietary technology makes it economically feasible to convert biomass into cellulose ethanol using a combination of ...

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Women Green Fellowship

Women Green Fellowship Program is a social response to ending the problem of youth unemployment, Job Creation, Social Ventures ...

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